Some Distinct Practices That Guide Our Work


The primary emphasis of Shalom Ministries Inc. is to reach out to all people in evangelism; Jewish and Gentile people alike. We believe that all believers have a God given responsibility to take the gospel of Christ to the Jewish people.

Local Church

We are committed to assisting local churches fulfill their divine command to propagate the gospel to the Jewish people worldwide. We are committed to training local churches in the biblical approaches of Jewish evangelism and discipleship. We are committed to helping Jewish believers unite with doctrinally sound and caring churches in which they can experience fellowship and growth.


We seek to educate believers regarding the importance of contextual Bible study, with emphasis on Jewish culture, history and language.


All representatives of Shalom Ministries Inc., including missionaries, paid employees and volunteers, must be faithful members of local churches which have doctrinal stands and commitments to Christian conduct that are consistent with those of Shalom Ministries Inc.


We are a faith ministry relying totally on the gifts of individuals and local churches to sustain Shalom Ministries Inc.


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