Summer Teams

Being a part of the Shalom Summer Missions Team was absolutely life-changing! It was an amazing privilege and honor to walk where Jesus walked and to see the Bible come to life. My walk with Christ was greatly encouraged, and God instilled in my heart a greater love and respect for the Jewish people. I’m so grateful that God allowed me to be a part of this team!

The Shalom Ministries Summer Mission Team is a time that I look back to over and over again as a point in life when God taught me so many things. Through my teammates and Mr. Hartman, the Lord taught me so many great life lessons in humility, leadership, and how to edify each other as we served and worked for the glory of God. As I continue in full-time Christian service as a missionary, I am forever grateful for how this God-led organization was used in the life that my God has blessed me with.

Holy Land Tours

Craig Hartman and Shalom Ministries Inc. are pleased to host tours of the Holy Land for various groups and institutions.

Through Jewish Eyes

In Through Jewish Eyes, you’ll find a myriad of parallels between Jewish customs and New Testament truth. Drawing from his own Jewish heritage, Hartman demonstrates how to use these parallels as points of contact for a gospel witness and for a better understanding of the New Testament s Jewish background. He speaks about the need for Christians to understand Judaism and to reach their Jewish neighbors and coworkers with news of the Messiah. Through Jewish Eyes will give you deeper insight into the Scripture and into Jewish culture.

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