Summer Teams

Shalom Ministries Inc. often assists church groups that come to New York on mission trips or for other ministry endeavors. But in the summer months we are very busy hosting our Summer Mission Team for Bible college students.

This month-long program enables students to experience first-century ministry in a real way as they stand face-to-face with religious descendants of the Pharisees on city streets to tell them that Jesus is the Messiah. Although the reactions are often similar to those described in the book of Acts, the summer training proves to be spiritually enlightening for the students.

In addition to street work among the Jewish people, they are challenged in all aspects of personal evangelism and in urban ministry as they interact with needy people from all over the world. The students also spend time with several pastors in the city and assist them in a variety of ways, and they are sent on Missionary Journeys to broaden their exposure.

As part of the program, students take part in numerous hours of classroom instruction, including such topics as “The Jewish Perspective of the Scriptures” and “The Feasts of Israel in History and Prophecy,” as well as a series of studies on God’s plan for the church and Israel, and a detailed review of Romans 9-11.

Throughout the school year, we visit fundamental Bible colleges to speak with students about this very exciting program. If you are interested in learning more about the program, look for us if we are visiting a school nearby or contact us at for more information or to request an application.

Our next scheduled Summer Team will be May 15-June 3, 2024.