Our Mission


Shalom Ministries Inc. was founded in 1996 and born out of a need to reach the 2 million Jewish people of the New York metropolitan area. Our New York-based ministry has been stirred to challenge churches to have a burden for, and develop an outreach to, the Jewish people in their communities.

Though based in New York, our ministry is not limited to this area. We endeavor to reach out to the Jewish people through local churches worldwide. We work very closely with these churches in training their members in Jewish evangelism and in understanding the customs and culture of their Jewish friends.

Understanding the Jewishness of Christianity will better equip the believer to have an in-depth comprehension of his or her Bible and to be a more effective witness among his or her Jewish friends. Further, understanding the proper place of Israel from a biblical perspective will enable Christians to better understand current events and things yet to occur.

In addition to our active involvement in evangelism, we provide insights into the Jewish perspective of Christianity through preaching and teaching in local churches, Bible colleges, church conferences, Bible studies, and Jewish feast demonstrations.